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Study medicine Georgia

About Us is aimed to provide reliable and honest service to aspiring Indian students and parents who wish to study MBBS in Georgia and to help support the visiting tourist to Georgia. Being partner with most of the top ranking Medical universities in Georgia, way2georgia provide a hassle-free process starting from the initial admission to visa, documentation, air ticket, airport pick up, hostel and to final induction to the university. We undertake every task with utmost responsibility and transparency. We are able to maintain the cordial relationship with all our clients and we feel contented with every task we accomplish. way2georgia has placed hundreds of students to various world class universities in Georgia. We run exclusive hostels in most of the universities and provide a homely environment to students. We welcome all the aspiring students to avail direct admission to world class medical universities in Georgia through us and enjoy a time bound and honest service to realise your dream of becoming a medical Doctor with advanced medical skills and international outlook.

Benans Kamalias M.Tech, MHRM, MA
Managing Director
Mobile: +91-938 8711 944

Study medicine in Georgia

Our Mission

Undertake all the responsibilities related to medical college admission in Georgia and help the students to achieve their dreams of becoming a quality medical Doctor with international outlook and advanced medical skills.

Study medicine in Georgia

Our Plan

We help the parents of 10th and 11th class students to plan medical university admission much ahead of the admission year so that parents can be well prepared to meet the expenses. Parents can pre-book admission so as to make sure they get guaranteed admission in the chosen medical university without any hurdles.

Study medicine in Georgia

Our Vision

To provide reliable and transparent services to aspiring Indian students who wish to study at world class medical universities in Georgia.

Our Services

University Admission Process

way2georgia provides the complete service to students who wish to study medicine (MBBS/MD) in Georgia. way2georgia is the authorised partner of most of the Georgian universities including the world famous TBILISI STATE UNIVERSITY (TSU). We facilitate for the direct admission to all reputed universities in Georgia.

Student Visa Process

way2georgia possess a very talented and experienced team to undertake all kind of visas including student visa. We provide a hassle-free process for all kind of visas.

Airport Pick Up

way2georiga team is always there to pick you from all airport in Georgia. We have a fleet of vehicles ready at the airport to pick you up at any time you arrive.

Accommodation Arrangement

way2georgia provides a range of accommodations suitable for your requirements. We run exclusive and affordable hostels for students who study medicine(MBBS/MD) in Georgia. We have special service for parents accommodation and tourist who arrives in Georgia.

Parent Visa Process

way2georgia process parents' visa to help parents to visit their children who study for medicine in Georgia. Many parents travel to Georgia to see their children during the vacation. We undertake the full responsibility to process parent visa and low cost air ticket.

Tour Packages

Georgia is a very beautiful country to visit. Every day a huge number of tourists come to Georgia to experience the scenic beauty. way2georgia provides all the assistance like tourist visa, air ticket, airport pick up, accommodation arrangement, tourist guide, ..etc at a minimum expense.


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